Top 11 Australian Clothing Wholesalers

Discovering the ideal clothing wholesaler for your boutique can be a challenging endeavor, especially when focusing on domestic options. Opting for product sourcing from overseas suppliers can lead to various drawbacks, including exorbitant shipping fees, taxes, complicated return processes, language barriers, and substantial minimum order quantities.

To avoid such concerns, choosing Australian Clothing Wholesalers is a wise decision. But how can you locate Australian clothing wholesalers that cater to your niche and offer the perfect styles? This article presents our expert tips for finding the right fashion wholesalers tailored to your needs, accompanied by a comprehensive list of the top 10 Australian clothing wholesalers. Let’s dive right in and discover the best options for your boutique!

Essential Inquiries Prior to Collaborating with a Wholesaler

For new or small fashion retailers, it is crucial to find a clothing wholesaler that aligns well with your business. This is particularly important when starting out, as you may have specific limitations or requirements that wholesalers must accommodate, such as the option to purchase smaller packages.

Outlined below are several critical inquiries to pose to a wholesaler before commencing a business partnership with them:

  • What is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)? It is advisable for newer businesses to consider ordering smaller stock to minimize purchasing risks. To ensure alignment with your buying strategy, it is essential to inquire about the wholesaler’s Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and confirm that it meets your requirements.
  • What payment options do you have? Ensuring payment compatibility with your wholesaler is crucial, as it establishes a foundation for secure and repeated stock ordering. It is essential to verify that the payment option provided by the wholesaler meets your requirements and offers the necessary level of security and confidence.
  • How long does shipping take? The shipping time plays a significant role in the decision-making process when choosing a wholesaler, as delays in shipping can have a ripple effect on your business. Opting for faster shipping options enables you to place last-minute stock orders, which is particularly appealing for newer businesses getting started.
  • What is your return policy? Fashion stores generally find strict return policies unfavorable, particularly when they are responsible for covering the return costs. It is advisable to fully comprehend the rules and regulations of the return policy before finalizing a partnership with a wholesaler, as this will help minimize potential issues in the future.

Now, we will explore 10 Australian wholesalers that could be an ideal match for your fashion boutique.

Sustainable wholesale clothing Australia

Women’s fashion clothing wholesalers are favored by fashion stores due to the extensive range of labels and styles they offer. However, it’s crucial to select a fashion wholesaler that not only provides variety but also curates styles that have proven sales, delivers excellent customer service, and ensures a seamless buying process. If these factors are of importance to you, the following Australian fashion wholesalers will quickly become your favorites.

Spicy Sugar Fashion

SPICY SUGAR FASHION, an Australian wholesaler, provides a diverse selection of well-fitting, top-notch garments suitable for various body types. They have multiple showrooms throughout Australia, such as in Brisbane and Perth, offering an enticing collection of both casual and elegant designs that are sure to capture the attention of your clientele.

Global Fashion House

Global Fashion House is a wholesale women’s fashion business located in Sydney. It offers comprehensive services and is led by Anna, an experienced professional in the fashion industry with a wealth of expertise spanning over 15 years. Anna has a diverse background encompassing buying, design, manufacturing, importing, sales, marketing, creative production, and business operations.

Anna acquired a deep understanding of the fashion industry through her parents’ traditional manufacturing business, which they established after immigrating from China to Australia in the late 1980s. Despite facing numerous challenges due to limited contacts and English proficiency, Anna’s parents built their manufacturing enterprise from the ground up and successfully expanded their operations to supply garments nationwide. Working closely with her family, Anna developed a resilient work ethic, an entrepreneurial mindset, and an inherent passion for fashion.


Blank Clothing is a small, locally-owned family business located in Melbourne. Since 2006, it has been operating primarily online, providing a wide range of blank sweaters, hoodies, and t-shirts in various styles and colors. It holds 100% Australian ownership.

Unlike ordinary print-your-own-shirt services, They offer much more than basic t-shirts and sweatshirts. Their goal is to deliver exceptional products of the finest quality at affordable prices, allowing you to create unique items. Here are some examples of the products they offer:

  • Aprons
  • Bags
  • Baby clothes
  • Fitness gear
  • Jackets
  • Pants and shorts
  • Polo shirts
  • Singlets
  • Sportswear

This list only scratches the surface of what you can find at Blank Clothing at any given time. While you transform your innovative ideas into marketable products or enjoyable additions to your personal wardrobe, they are continuously working on expanding our product range. Their diverse customer base includes t-shirt designers, fitness centers, restaurants, schools, wineries, and sports teams. They keep up with fashion trends and seasonal changes, so make sure to revisit their website to discover their latest creations. They are dedicated to offering only the highest quality items that you can proudly showcase.

Australia clothing wholesale : FASHION FOR CURVY SIZES

Discover the latest in fashion for curvy sizes in Australia and embrace your unique beauty. Join us in celebrating body diversity and enjoy the confidence that comes with wearing clothing designed to make you look and feel fabulous.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Plus Size Wholesale is a trusted industry expert with over 5 years of experience. They represent some of the finest Australian brands specializing in plus size and curvy clothing.

Their extensive range caters to Australian sizes 14 to 28, ensuring a diverse selection for all body types. Whether you’re a retailer or an industry professional, They are dedicated to providing quality-made plus size clothing to meet your customers’ needs.

As a wholesale supplier, They serve retailers and industry professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Their goal is to support businesses of all sizes in offering stylish and well-fitting clothing options for curvy individuals.


Daring Diva, the fashion label, was founded with the mission to empower women to embrace their boldness, confidence, and strength. Their collection showcases sexy and attention-grabbing designs influenced by global fashion trends, aimed at providing our divas with a sense of effortless beauty and naturally chic style.

From smart casual ensembles to elegantly chic occasions, Their garments are meticulously crafted to embody daring allure, femininity, and practicality. They understand that sexy is not confined to one particular shape or size, and that’s why their designs cater to all body types.

At Daring Diva, they believe that fashion should be a celebration of individuality and self-expression. Their collection is designed to make women feel confident and empowered in their own skin, allowing them to embrace their unique beauty.


From warehouse located on the stunning NSW mid north coast, Elanorawholesale takes great pride in offering a diverse selection of ethically sourced new age products. The original Elanora business was established in 1993 and quickly grew to serve a network of retailers across Australia and New Zealand. In January 2019, the business underwent a change in ownership, and it is now owned by a passionate couple dedicated to all things metaphysical and driven to make Elanora a sustainable enterprise. They have made significant strides in reducing plastic packaging and now prioritize sourcing products that are environmentally conscious and as natural as possible.

Women ‘s Fashion wholesale clothing Australia

In the women’s fashion wholesale clothing industry in Australia, there are several notable wholesalers that stand out for their quality, style, and range of offerings. While the concept of “best” can vary depending on individual preferences and specific needs, here are a few well-regarded wholesale clothing companies in Australia

Style State

At the core of Style State operations lies a dedication to providing high-quality fast fashion.

With three decades of expertise in manufacturing and the fashion industry, they deeply recognize the significance of superior quality and are unwavering in their commitment to deliver it to you and your valued customers.

Their brands embody this commitment through meticulous processes that span from in-house design to fabric sourcing, fittings, production, and stringent quality control. Each step is carried out with utmost care and precision, reflecting their team’s adherence to elevated standards and a culmination of skills and experience cultivated over the years.

Every department within organization works harmoniously, united by a shared mission to deliver remarkable pieces that exemplify excellence, all while maintaining affordable price points for your esteemed store. Through close collaboration and collective effort, Style State ensure that their team operates seamlessly to fulfill vision of delivering top-quality garments to you and your satisfied customers.

Donnah Clothing

Donnah Clothing is an Australian brand that stands out in the fashion industry for its commitment to sustainability and quality. With a focus on using natural fibres, Donnah Clothing offers garments that are not only long-lasting but also have a reduced impact on the environment.

The brand takes a conscious approach to production, ensuring that small batch lots are created to limit their carbon footprint. By prioritizing natural fibres over synthetic ones, Donnah Clothing eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and reduces the contribution to microplastic pollution. This approach benefits the planet and promotes healthier choices for consumers.

Decorating old clothing with patches is also a sustainable way to do it. You can customize unique patches at Patches Co. using pictures with your favorite elements. These patches come in a variety of styles and are of exquisite quality. For example, there are embroidered patches, PVC patches, leather patches, etc. Decorating your clothes with these custom patches not only instantly makes old clothes look brand new, but also makes your outfits more novel and unique.

Custom Patches

Australia clothing wholesale: Kids Fashion

The wholesale market for kids’ fashion clothing in Australia is vibrant and diverse. Numerous suppliers and brands cater to the demand for stylish and high-quality clothing for children. These wholesalers offer retailers a wide range of options, ensuring that they can provide their customers the latest trends and designs.

Designer Kidz

Designer Kidz Australia is a renowned brand specializing in children’s fashion based in Australia. With a strong focus on design, quality, and style, Designer Kidz offers a wide range of clothing for kids that is both fashionable and functional.

The brand’s collection includes clothing for various occasions, from casual wear to formal attire. Designer Kidz strives to create unique and trendy designs that reflect the latest fashion trends while maintaining comfort and practicality for children. Their garments often feature intricate details, beautiful prints, and high-quality fabrics that ensure durability and a superior finish.

Designer Kidz pays attention to every aspect of their clothing production, from the selection of materials to the meticulous craftsmanship. The brand takes pride in delivering garments that look great and withstand children’s active lifestyles. The use of quality fabrics and expert tailoring techniques ensures that their clothing is stylish and long-lasting.


Being a stay-at-home mum in Australia is a common choice for many women who prioritize their role as caregivers and homemakers. While some mothers choose to pursue careers alongside motherhood, others find fulfillment and purpose in dedicating their time and energy to raising their children and managing household responsibilities.

In Australia, stay-at-home mums play a vital role in creating a nurturing environment for their families. They take on various tasks, including child-rearing, organizing schedules, preparing meals, and maintaining the household. They often provide emotional support, guidance, and stability to their children, ensuring their overall well-being.

It’s important to note that being a stay-at-home mum is a personal choice, and it can come with both rewards and challenges. On one hand, it allows mothers to be actively involved in their children’s lives, witnessing their growth and development firsthand. It also offers flexibility and the ability to create a nurturing and safe home environment.

Conclusion Best wholesale clothing suppliers

Remember to review their product offerings, pricing, minimum order requirements, shipping policies, and customer reviews before making a decision. Additionally, consider reaching out to these suppliers directly or exploring online directories and marketplaces specific to the Australian wholesale clothing industry for more options and potential suppliers.

Below is some offers some general guidelines to help you find the best suppliers:

  • Conduct thorough research: Look for reputable suppliers by searching online directories, marketplaces, and industry-specific platforms. Read reviews and testimonials from other retailers who have worked with the suppliers.
  • Consider product quality and variety: Assess the quality of clothing offered by suppliers and ensure they align with your target market’s preferences. Look for suppliers that offer a wide range of clothing styles and sizes to cater to diverse customer needs.
  • Pricing and minimum order requirements: Compare the pricing structures of different suppliers and consider your budget. Take note of any minimum order requirements or quantity discounts, as they can impact your profitability and inventory management.
  • Shipping and delivery: Evaluate the shipping policies, delivery times, and associated costs of each supplier. Ensure that they can reliably and efficiently ship products to your location.
  • Customer support and communication: Suppliers with excellent customer support can help address any concerns or issues that may arise. Look for suppliers who are responsive, professional, and willing to work closely with you.
  • Request samples: Before committing to a supplier, consider requesting samples of their clothing to assess the quality firsthand. This can help you make an informed decision and ensure that the products meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clothing wholesaler?

A clothing wholesaler is a supplier or distributor that sells clothing items in bulk quantities to retailers, resellers, or businesses. They typically offer a wide range of clothing styles, sizes, and brands at discounted prices.

How do I find Australian clothing wholesalers?

There are several ways to find Australian clothing wholesalers. You can search online directories, industry-specific websites, trade shows, or use online marketplaces that connect retailers with wholesalers. Additionally, networking with other retailers or industry professionals can also provide recommendations and leads.

What are the benefits of working with Australian clothing wholesalers?

Working with Australian clothing wholesalers offers several benefits. These include access to a wide range of clothing options, competitive pricing, bulk discounts, reliable supply, and the ability to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. Wholesalers often provide convenient ordering processes, reliable customer support, and flexible shipping options.

Do Australian clothing wholesalers have minimum order requirements?

Yes, many clothing wholesalers in Australia have minimum order requirements. This means you may need to purchase a certain quantity of items to qualify for wholesale pricing. Minimum order requirements can vary among wholesalers, so it’s important to inquire about this before establishing a partnership.

Can I request samples from Australian clothing wholesalers?

Yes, it’s common for clothing wholesalers to provide samples upon request. Requesting samples allows you to assess the quality, sizing, and overall suitability of the clothing items before placing a bulk order. Some wholesalers may charge a fee for samples, while others may offer them for free or at a discounted price.

How can I ensure the quality of clothing from Australian wholesalers?

To ensure the quality of clothing from Australian wholesalers, it’s recommended to request samples, read product descriptions and specifications, and check customer reviews or testimonials if available. You can also research the reputation and track record of the wholesaler before making a decision. Building a relationship with trusted wholesalers and regularly reviewing the quality of their products is important for long-term success.

Are there any specific regulations or requirements when working with Australian clothing wholesalers?

Compliance with Australian consumer laws, labeling requirements, and safety standards is crucial when working with clothing wholesalers in Australia. Familiarize yourself with these regulations to ensure your business meets all necessary legal obligations. It’s also important to establish clear terms and conditions, payment terms, and shipping agreements with the wholesaler to avoid any misunderstandings.