Top 10 Best Hydroponics Stores in Australia

Are you intrigued by hydroponic farming? Do you seek top-notch equipment to cultivate an impressive indoor garden? Explore the premier hydroponics companies/stores in Australia. To assist you in delving into this form of agriculture, we have curated a list of the best hydroponic companies in Australia.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics involves the cultivation of plants without the use of soil, encompassing a variety of flora such as flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, and both medicinal and recreational plants. The crops are placed in a nutrient-rich hydroponic solution, meticulously formulated to stimulate swift growth and yield superior-quality produce.

In a hydroponic system, essential nutrients and water are directly delivered to the plant’s root systems, minimizing the energy plants expend for food. This efficiency allows plants to channel more energy towards growth, facilitating accelerated development and earlier harvesting.

Furthermore, hydroponic systems are eco-friendly and empower growers to oversee their crops’ growth. By opting for hydroponic cultivation, you gain precise knowledge of the substances involved in plant development, ensuring the absence of harmful pesticides that could compromise your health and the environment’s well-being.

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The benefits of hydroponics

  1. Total Control Over Nutrient Balance: Achieve precise control over nutrient levels.
  2. No Yard Required: Facilitates the creation of gardens both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Water Conservation: Significantly reduces water usage.
  4. Affordability and Increased Productivity: Cost-effective and yields higher productivity.
  5. Year-Round Harvest: Enables the cultivation of vegetables throughout the year.
  6. Enjoyable and Relaxing: Offers an enjoyable and relaxing gardening experience.

Top 10 Hydroponics Stores in Australia

Benchmark Hydroponics

Engage in the fascinating realm of plant cultivation through hydroponics. If you’re considering this innovative method and looking for a reliable supplier of hydroponic equipment, look no further than Benchmark Hydroponics. They proudly offer a comprehensive range of hydroponic supplies in Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia, ensuring unmatched quality.


As your go-to online hydroponics store, Benchmark Hydroponics is committed to providing premium products at affordable prices. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a hobbyist, their Melbourne-based hydroponics online store is sure to impress.

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Embark on your hydroponic gardening journey with confidence, as Benchmark Hydroponics caters to the diverse needs of growers. Their selection includes essential products for creating a thriving hydroponic garden in Australia, such as:

  • Hydroponic solutions
  • Organic hydroponic nutrients
  • Hydroponic fertilizers
  • Gorilla grow tents
  • The finest grow tents in Australia
  • Hydroponics kits
  • Hydroponic LED grow lights
  • Full-spectrum LED grow lights
  • Grow lights tailored for indoor plants
  • Hydroponic lights are available online

Rest assured, all their products are sourced from reputable brand-name suppliers. Their inventory is thoughtfully curated to meet the requirements of growers of all levels. As a trusted hydroponics shop in Melbourne, they prioritize your confidence and trust by offering these items at competitive and reasonable prices.


Gardenworld encompasses six specialized horticultural enterprises and a licensed cafe, collectively forming “The Greatest Show on Earth.” These businesses include Gardenworld Nursery, One Stop Sprinklers, Gardensmart Hydroponics, Lotus Watergardens, Collectors Corner, Semken Landscaping, and Gardenworld Cafe, offering a diverse and comprehensive horticultural experience.

The founders initially aimed to operate the nursery themselves while inviting experts in each field to manage the other specialized businesses. Over multiple seasons, Gardenworld evolved into the unique, captivating, educational, and inspiring horticultural destination it is today.

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Collectors Corner is renowned for its exceptional offerings, including outstanding bonsai, cacti, orchids, gems, and fossils. Meanwhile, Gardenworld Nursery stands out for its high-quality plants, fertilizers, and potting mixes.


Their online store stands out for its superior selection of hydroponic lights and nutrients and the finest grow media available. Additionally, they offer ventilation oversight devices that contribute to making your indoor garden easily manageable, all at an affordable price point. Boasting a team with over a decade of experience in hydroponic lights and nutrients, they are well-equipped to provide expert advice on various products.

From man-made to organic options, including coco and perlite, they meticulously curate their inventory to ensure top-notch quality. Whether searching for hydroponic nutrients or seeking the best-suited grow lights for your setup, their online store has you covered. The team is dedicated to only stocking grow lights that demonstrate optimal performance, assisting you in matching each type of lamp to your specific grow area and plant type.

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Pakenham Hydroponics

As a Hydroponic Retail Store, they boast the most extensive selection and inventory of hydroponic supplies in the Outer East, South East Victoria, and the Gippsland Region. Situated in the outer eastern suburb of Pakenham in Victoria, near the Gippsland region, this family-owned small business has been catering to the area for the past 15 years, establishing a robust online presence over the last 7 years.

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Pakenham Hydroponics stands out for its exceptional customer service and expertise, with a team dedicated to prioritizing the success of every customer. Their store and warehouse are brimming with a diverse array of hydroponic products, as they actively stock pallets to facilitate convenient bulk purchasing, ensuring you won’t have to wait or yearn for any supplies.

Black Max Ozone

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Black Max Ozone Systems – Unlocking the Key to Managing Waterborne, Airborne, and Surface Bacteria. The infused ozone poses no harm to the beneficial aerobic bacteria thriving in an oxygen-rich environment. This fosters swift, robust root development, optimal plant growth, and increased yields. In water, any excess ozone transforms into oxygen, superoxygenating the nutrient solution. The Black Max Ozone System enhances water purity by directly injecting ozone into the holding tank or nutrient reservoir.

The system efficiently addresses disease-causing microbes, which, if left unchecked, can significantly diminish plant growth and yields or even devastate an entire crop. Ozone’s role in hydroponics farming has gained widespread recognition for its effectiveness against waterborne diseases induced by fungi, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and organochlorines. Recognized as one of the most potent bactericides, ozone ensures healthy water, leading to contented plants and heightened yields.

Mornington peninsula

Explore their extensive range of domestic and industrial paints – whatever your paint requirements, visit them. Mirror Paints PL, a fourth-generation family business established in South Kensington around 1890, continues to produce high-quality paint on-site to their exacting standards even after 110 years. They excel in color matching from competitors’ color cards or your color sample.

With a legacy spanning 120 years and four generations, their commitment to producing top-notch paint persists on-site, maintaining their lofty standards. their industrial paints find applications across Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Discover various products catering to home renovators and maintenance enthusiasts in their retail shop. Additionally, they offer an extensive hydroponic section featuring thousands of products to enhance the success of your home-growing endeavors.

Simply Hydroponics

Before the inception of Simply Hydroponics in the early ’90s, options for gardeners interested in alternative or organic techniques were severely limited. Customer service was virtually nonexistent, and the market offered very few products, leaving customers with little choice but to accept whatever prices were set for the available products.

This challenging environment prompted us to embark on a 25-year (and counting!) journey, giving rise to what is now an unstoppable force known as Simply Hydroponics. Over the years, this journey has evolved into a retail experience that is not merely a grow store but a culture and a way of life—immersive, customer-friendly, and of the highest quality.

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At the foundation of the Simply pyramid has always been the individual customer. The primary goal is to assist customers in achieving success in their endeavors. A Simply store is meticulously designed to be a cultured retail space brimming with information, serving as a research and learning hub and a focal point of community involvement in Melbourne.

The aim was to construct a model that would provide a helpful and positive customer experience at any level of expertise in growth. If each customer could leave the store with valuable knowledge and positive results based on that information, the goal of ensuring a successful retail experience would be achieved.

Hydrocentre Hydroponics

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A group of laid-back individuals runs a hydroponics retail store where you can drop by and receive assistance from knowledgeable staff for all your needs. Their Gold Coast store has been serving customers for over 30 years, while the Brisbane location opened its doors in December 2022. Both stores offer a front entrance and a convenient loading rear entrance, allowing you to choose the entrance that suits you best. For bulkier items like multiple bags of media, the rear entrance is recommended.

If you need something they don’t have, they can usually procure it for you with minimal hassle. Operating a mail-order business since 1991, they are adept at efficiently shipping items to you. Approximately 97% of orders are dispatched within 4 working hours from Monday to Friday.

Casey Hydroponics

Casey Hydroponics’s mission is to enlighten our customers about the simplest and healthiest methods of cultivating plants, particularly those intended for consumption. Considering that the average person consumes around 16 kilograms of chemicals annually through food, it becomes evident that growing their own food is crucial for understanding and controlling what they ingest. With the elimination of excuses like limited land space, the optimal approach to cultivation is indoors under artificial light.

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In a completely controlled environment, there are no concerns about pests, inclement weather, airborne diseases, molds, rust, aphids, birds, or adverse temperatures. The significant advantage lies in having complete control over all conditions in your grow room, tailored to the specific needs of your plants. A hydroponic room measuring an average of 1×1 meter, with proper care, can yield up to seven times the produce annually compared to its organic counterpart.

Epping Hydroponics

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For an affordable and unconventional approach to plant growth, consider hydroponics as the ideal solution. Hydroponics, the method of cultivating plants without soil, enables plant growth in various mediums such as Coco Fibre, Rockwool, Clay Pellets, Perlite, Vermiculite, and more. Some hydroponic techniques, like the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), even support plant growth without a medium, keeping the plant’s roots consistently immersed in water.

Regardless of the type of hydroponic system you wish to explore, Epping Hydroponics is ready to assist. For hydroponic supplies not only in Melbourne but throughout Australia, contact them to ensure your plants thrive. If you’re unsure about how to get started, they’re here to offer expert advice from initiation to completion.

Through their online store and Epping retail outlet, they aim to provide you with a broad selection of hydroponic products. They aim to offer customers various hydroponic options at reasonable prices. Even when you order online, expect friendly customer service, competitive prices, and valuable guidance on how to use your products effectively.

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