10 Best Private Facebook Viewer Apps 2024

If you’re interested in viewing a private Facebook profile, utilizing a private Facebook viewer app is the most effective solution.

As a widely-used social media platform, Facebook serves as a hub for connecting with mutual friends, sharing life experiences, and exploring diverse content. Nevertheless, certain users prioritize their privacy by configuring their accounts as private, restricting access to their posts and details.

This article highlights 10 top-notch private Facebook viewer applications that allow you to monitor your children’s Facebook activities, even if they’ve chosen to make their profiles private, thereby limiting your direct access.

What Is a Private Facebook Viewer?

A private Facebook viewer is an application designed to assist you in monitoring a private Facebook page, particularly if it belongs to your child and has recently been set to private, thereby restricting your visibility into their activities. Instead of relying solely on asking them to make their profile public again, these apps provide an alternative solution for ensuring your child’s online safety.

Benefits of Using Private Facebook Viewer

In an era dominated by social media sites, Facebook has emerged as one of the foremost platforms for sharing photos and videos. While numerous Facebook profiles are accessible to the public, some users opt for privacy by setting their profiles to private.

This implies that only approved Facebook mutual friends have the privilege to view their posts and activities. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where the desire to access private content arises without being a direct friend. In such instances, the utilization of private Facebook profile viewers becomes advantageous.

This article section will explore the benefits of employing the finest private Facebook profile viewer, elucidating why it can be a valuable tool for specific situations.

Top 10 private Facebook viewer apps


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Spyic proves to be valuable, especially for parents concerned about their child’s activities on Facebook. In the event that your child has recently made their Facebook profile private, rendering it inaccessible to you, Spyic emerges as the perfect solution and a discreet Facebook viewer to simplify your life. With Spyic, you can gain confidence that your child is engaging in safe online behavior.

This application lets you stay informed about your child’s online activities at all times, offering the convenience of remote monitoring without resorting to an overly intrusive parenting approach. Whether your child uses Apple or Android devices, Spyic has you covered. The signup process is seamless, and if you wish to familiarize yourself with the features before committing, Spyic provides the option of experiencing a demo.

Upon signing up, installing the app on the target phone is a straightforward process, and then you are ready to start monitoring – it’s as simple as that. Spyic ensures that you can keep a vigilant eye on your child’s Facebook interactions without being physically present, striking a balance between ensuring their safety and respecting their privacy.


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xMobi has undoubtedly captured users’ and industry experts’ attention and respect thanks to its exceptional and pioneering approach to private Facebook viewing.

In the competitive landscape of platforms dedicated to viewing private Facebook profiles, xMobi emerges as a true innovator, consistently pushing boundaries to provide an unmatched user experience. The platform has cultivated a devoted and continually expanding user base, attracted by its commitment to seamless navigation and unwavering security.


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Glassagram has established itself as a prominent player among private Facebook page viewers, carving out a niche as a user-centric platform dedicated to delivering a seamless and enriching experience.

At the core of its philosophy is a strong emphasis on user convenience and privacy protection. Leveraging cutting-edge features, Glassagram aims to overcome the restrictions of private Facebook accounts, empowering users to explore content that was once concealed from public view.

The platform’s commitment to user satisfaction and privacy is evident in its thoughtfully curated feature set, encompassing a private profile viewer, anonymous story viewing for private account stories, and the capability to download photos and Facebook videos for offline access.


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Additionally, Glassagram employs robust security measures to safeguard user anonymity and data against unauthorized access.

EyeZy has strategically positioned itself as a dynamic and versatile private Facebook viewer tailored to its users’ diverse needs and preferences.

The platform’s commitment to providing various features and functionalities sets it apart as a standout player in the competitive realm of private Facebook viewing tools.

At the core of EyeZy’s appeal is its multifaceted feature set, crafted to empower users with comprehensive tools for delving into private Facebook content. Its versatility goes beyond the mere unlocking of private profiles, as EyeZy permits users to access and view posts, stories, and other exclusive content that would otherwise remain hidden from public view.

This comprehensive approach enables users to attain a deeper and more immersive understanding of the private accounts they choose to explore.


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uMobix is the ultimate solution for concerned parents seeking to monitor their children’s online activities, particularly on private Facebook pages.

As a contemporary application, uMobix facilitates access to your child’s profile discreetly, ensuring that your actions remain undetected. Whether you use the app immediately or explore its functionality through a demo, uMobix provides valuable insights into its features and capabilities.

uMobix is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, offering installation flexibility on your chosen device. Given its consistent online availability, you can promptly use the app to address your specific monitoring needs.

This app goes beyond merely accessing private Facebook profiles; it empowers you to monitor your children’s messaging activities. For comprehensive parental control, uMobix should undoubtedly be your top choice.


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mSpy stands out as a leading Parental Control solution, empowering parents to monitor their children’s activities seamlessly across Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, or tablets.

Ensure a vigilant eye on your kids’ online interactions to shield them from potential risks such as cyberbullying, online predators, exposure to adult content, discussions of suicidal thoughts, drug use, and other online dangers. mSpy excels in performance, providing you with the capability to access your child’s private Facebook page effortlessly. The inclusion of timestamps allows you to observe activities in real-time.

For as little as one dollar a day, mSpy offers the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive insight into your children’s online behavior, allowing you to stay informed and connected.


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If you’re searching for a private Facebook page viewer for immediate monitoring, look no further than SpyBubble.

Claiming to ensure your child’s safety on Facebook and offer assistance in keeping track of your spouse’s online activities, SpyBubble positions itself as a comprehensive solution. If concerns about potential infidelity and conversations with others online trouble you, SpyBubble asserts that you deserve to be informed. According to their philosophy, using an app like theirs is the most effective way to access a private Facebook profile and acquire the evidence necessary for a confrontation.

SpyBubble guarantees a swift installation process and real-time tracking, enabling you to monitor your spouse’s Facebook activities at five-minute intervals.


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XNSPY offers robust features as a private Facebook viewer, boasting an integrated Facebook Messenger function. This allows you to effortlessly monitor your child’s Facebook messages, including the identities of individuals engaged in their chats.

Additionally, XNSPY ensures the retention of chat records from Facebook, allowing you to access your child’s messages anytime and from anywhere. The added advantage is the budget-friendly pricing, starting at just $7.49 monthly.


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Hoverwatch provides comprehensive coverage as a private Facebook page viewer, addressing all your monitoring needs.

The platform offers assistance in tracking the cell phone of your choice, allowing you to monitor incoming calls, messages, and responses of the target phone user. First, you can sign up for a free account on their website by providing your email and creating a password.

Once registered, you can download and install their mobile tracker app from your online account, enabling real-time access to essential data on the target phone. Hoverwatch emphasizes discretion, ensuring complete invisibility when viewing someone’s Facebook profile.

While specializing in Facebook monitoring, Hoverwatch also extends its capabilities to other major social media platforms.


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Cocospy stands out as a reliable private Facebook viewer, and its capability to monitor any device remotely underscores its robust features and service quality.

One notable aspect of Cocospy is its commitment to invisibility in every aspect of its operations. Whether tracking your child’s location or viewing their private Facebook profile, Cocospy makes it effortless to stay informed about their online behavior without creating a sense of suffocation.

The app is user-friendly and ensures 100% discretion, making it an excellent choice for vigilant parents aiming to monitor their children from a distance. In addition to phone monitoring, Cocospy extends its capabilities to include tablet monitoring, providing comprehensive protection for both your business and family.

Ensuring the virtual safety of your family members becomes seamless with Cocospy. To get started, simply sign up for an account, install the app on iPhone or Android, and commence tracking.